SOCOMENIN is one of the leading steel equipment manufacturing companies in North Africa.


SOCOMENIN is specialized in the following products:
- Pressure vessels: Columns, Separators….
- Storage tanks
- Pipe racks , Manifolds and piping
- Steel Structures
- Wind towers

SOCOMENIN has developed its work plants capacities in order  to  meet its customers’ requirements.


Production capacity 25 000 T/ Year
Lifting capacity 120 T
 Height under hook 13 m
Automatic welding machines up to 8mx8m
Rolling capacity 60mm
Total area 90 000 m2
Covered area 37 000 m2


Our heavy equipment work plant  is dedi­ cated to  the  engineering,  Procurment and  manufacturing of  various  types  of steel equipment including :


Pressure vessels
– Columns
– Boilers & Heat exchangers
Wind towers
Skid mounted packages
Prefabricated storage tanks
Manifolds & Ducts


SOCOMENIN has a large experience in manu­ facturing various equipment made by  Cr /Mo alloyed steels,  Stainless steels  including Duplex grades, Copper nikeL Zecor …

SOCOMENIN manufactures a wide range of pressure vessels, each built to fulfill code and client specific requirements for both onshore and offshore exploitation.


Our pressure vessel products include:


- Process Columns
- Fuel Gas Filters
- Gas Scrubbers
- Slug Catchers
- LP and HP Knock Out Drums
- High Pressure Separators
- Surge & Filter Vessels
- Reactors
- Boiler parts


The above mentioned products can be supplied with U, U2, S and R as applicable or marked CE to meet PED requirements.

SOCOMENIN has proven skill to  design  and manufacture full  turnkey   skid  mounted systems for processing plants  (Oil & gas, fertilizers, petrochemicals…)

3-phases separators

SOCOMENIN has a highly experienced team of pipefitters and  qualified welders, which allows SOCOMENIN  to   offer   a high quality pipework prefabrication services.


Covered area 2000 m²
Production capacity 6000 T/Year
Lifting capacity 20 T
Height under hook 7 m
Rolling Capacity 45 mm

Equipments List:
– CNC Plasma cutting machine
– Rolling Machine
– Bevelling Machine
– Punching Machine
– Sawing Machine

SOCOMENIN Structural steelwork plant is equipped with CNC drilling, cutting and marking unit with a capacity Up to 1 OOOmm in width and with a total capa­ city of production up to 8000T I Year.


SOCOMENIN is fully compliant with International Standards and specifications such as:

- AISC codes and standards
– AWS D1. 1/ D1.5
– EEMUA 158
– EEMUA 197


In order to keep-up to date with the new technologies, and to improve its products quality, SOCOMENIN Company has established three new blasting shops using metallic girt with 300 000 m²/year capacity.


The three blasting shops are built according to international standard specifications for on-shore and off-shore use, and respecting the specific conditions of both humidity which could be controlled and salinity that could be fixed down to 3µg/cm².


The painting activity is done in 6 conditioned buildings according to the international standards and paint manufacturer’s specifi- cations for onshore and offshore use. Specific conditions, such as humidity and temperature are closely controlled.

These buildings are equipped with air heater generators used in the winter.



SOCOMENIN    have     successfully    protected such equipment by rubber  lining  as Filters for water treatment unit, chemical processing  and storage  tank.  Rubber  lining  is  used  to  protect metal  surfaces   from  corrosion   fluid.   Like  in piping   handling   Sea   Water    or   chemical product.


From the raw material arrival to the delivery of finished product, SOCOMENIN ensures the required logistical operations.

With more than 10 000 m² of raw material storage area equipped with 03 gantries cranes and with more than 45 000 m² of finished product storage area located close to the SFAX harbor.

SOCOMENIN   is able  to ensure the storage of all our  customers project-related goods.


Export logistics Packing, loading and delivery

In order to meet the European standards, we have operated as per ISPM 15 standards for any packing operation

SOCOMENIN ensures the transportation of goods either by conventional and non conventional sea shipment or by land using special low-bed and standard trucks.